Welcome to Laredo Border Chapter API

9/8/17 – Fellow STX API Chapters Support/Hurricane Harvey


Thanks for the great team effort last Saturday in the Coastal Bend (Rockport/Refugio/Woodsboro/CC).

We served (brisket/fajita/sausage/pork steaks/beans & rice) over 450 people (law enforcement/first responders/emergency services/victims) on Saturday and delivered a trailer of donated goods to Rockport;
On Sunday we delivered another trailer load of goods to Tivoli.

I know Alonzo Flores (Basic Energy) cooked lots of meals (over 1000) in Refugio from Friday through Sunday. I also know that David Ybarra (Butch’s Rathole) and Juan Ruiz (TSC) with the Knights of Columbus cooked lots of meals (over 1500) in CC and Rockport from Thursday-Saturday.  I also heard that FESCO, Team Oil Tools and Cogent Wireline were in Woodsboro cooking away. God Bless You and Thank You everyone for your efforts in helping our fellow Texans!!

This weekend our efforts continue in Tivoli/Austwell. We have made arrangements with the local emergency coordinators in Tivoli/Austwell and we will be cooking Saturday on the corner of Scott & Main in Tivoli, Texas.

It is right across from the elementary school and around the corner from the new distribution point.

Luis Cortes (Golden Triangle), Oscar Liendo (Elite Production), Israel Lozano (Hilcorp), Norbert Reyes (Arguindegui Oil), Deputy Chief Del Bosque and I (SPN Well Services) will be cooking in Tivoli/Austwell on Saturday. Whoever wants to join us let me know or please call Luis Cortes at 956-744-8012 or me at 830-876-6129.

We also hope to have more people supporting the serving team as we expect more people.

The Laredo Border Chapter API along with support from the Central Texas AADE Chapter, Bruington Engineering, Hector Rangel (EOG) and several other operators will be funding the efforts. The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office (Deputy Chief Del Bosque), Zapata County and several operators from Zapata will also support us and join us for this weekend’s event.

Trey Cranford is leading the charge for clean-up crews/equipment in Tivoli/Austwell with 200 volunteers to help with cleanup efforts. Trey can be reached at 361-510-8804 to supply manpower or equipment.

Items needed!!!

  • Per Sharon Sedwick they need Batteries. AA, AAA, C, & D, Tape – DUCT, Gorilla, & Electrical and Lite Plants.
  • Per David they still need pillows, toiletries, blankets in Bayside/Rockport/Ingleside.  Anything we can help with they will appreciate.
  • Trey needs chainsaws, rakes, shovels and heavy duty lawn equipment to help with cleanup efforts.

This will be an ongoing effort. So there will be additional  groups that will need to head out and help in the following weeks.

To all supporters (Financial/Spiritual) we appreciate everything and we are planning to continue helping these fellow Texans in need.

Thank you everyone and be safe in your travels.

Thank you,
Robert Chavez
2017 Laredo Border Chapter API President