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Fellow STX API Chapters Support/Hurricane Harvey

We have 3 groups of volunteers that will be out helping cleanup efforts or cooking this week/weekend for all first responders and people affected by Hurricane Harvey. They will be in 2-3 different cities or areas. I have also attached requested items from the Rockport Volunteer Fire Dept. and there are also some additional requests (Group 3) so please read through the email.
Group 1. Zapata County Sheriff’s Department (Deputy Chief Del Bosque)/Med-Loz Lease Services/Chapa’s Oilfield Services.
They will be leaving Zapata early morning Saturday with backhoes, dump trucks and vacuum trucks to help the city of Rockport with the cleanup. They will be escorted to Rockport by the Sheriff’s Department. If anyone can send support equipment please contact Deputy Chief Del Bosque at (956) 220-5643.
Luis Cortes (Golden Triangle), Oscar Liendo (Elite Production), Vero Chavez and I (SPN Well Services) will be cooking in Rockport all day Saturday for first responders and people who need a good meal and to support this group.
Whoever wants to join us let me know as we may need to take 2 pits. Please call Luis Cortes at (956) 744-8012 or me at (830) 876-6129. We have several additions to this group with Cat Medina/family and Jeannie Cooper/friends.
Group 2. Alonzo Flores (Basic Energy Services)-Alonzo (956-457-9232) and his team.
Will be cooking Friday afternoon through Sunday in Refugio at the: 
  • Primary Location-Parking lot just north of HEB in Refugio. According to Mrs. Dinah Gallagher that is the place to set up.
  • Secondary location is Our Lady of Refuge Church; Address: 1008 S Alamo St, Refugio, TX 78377
He will cooking for first responders and people who need a good meal. He will also be cooking at this church as this is a centralized point in Refugio. Thanks to Travis Salinas and Rubert Montalvo for helping with local contacts to streamline the efforts by Alonzo and his awesome team. Call Alonzo if you are in the area. Trey Cranford you may want to support Alonzo Flores and his team since you will be in Refugio/Woodsboro.
Group 3. David Ybarra (Butch’s Rathole).
David and the Knights of Columbus provided lunch Thursday at the American Red Cross Shelter at T-M High School in Annaville. Per David they still need pillows, toiletries, blankets and they are expecting a bus from Austin to arrive tomorrow with 140 more people. Anything we can help with they will appreciate. David can be reached at (361) 389-8165.
We need to look at Bayside as they are needing help and support.
Also thanks to all supporters:
  • David Alvarado-Alvarado Trucking-Wood/Ice/Tables & Chairs
  • Tony Alaniz for monetary donation.
  • Joel Lopez-J Lopez Rentals – 50 loaves of bread
  • Southern Distibutors -15 cases of Sodas
  • Gamez Produce – 2 Boxes of Chicken Qtrs.
  • Oscar Liendo – Rice
  • Mambo Sports Pub-Rick Rivera – 4 gallons of beans
  • La India Packing – Spices
  • Narvaez Meat Market – 50 # of Brisket
  • Golden Triangle-meat, sausage and produce.
  • Robert & Vero Chavez – supplies and meat.
  • Orozcos- $100 for meat
  • Jeannie Cooper – Sodas/Tortillas


Per Deputy Chief Del Bosque this will be an ongoing effort. So there will be additional  groups that will need to head out and help in the following weeks.
Thank you everyone and be safe in your travels.
Thank you,
Robert Chavez